Project areas

The project is a combined Research, Technological development and Demonstration (RTD) project. financed by Vinnova. The project addresses the area “Efficient energy use” for shipping, and also the area “Sustainable use of of natural assets”.


The EffShip project is based on the vision of a sustainable and successful maritime transport industry – one which is energy-efficient and has minimal environmental impacts.


Specific project goals include improving the efficiency of the ship machinery, introducing alternative marine fuels, using wind energy as a complementary propulsion force and developing applicable technology for reducing the emissions of CO2, NOx  , SOx and Particulate Matter.

Project result

The EffShip project was sucessfully completed in April 2013
A seminar was held in Göteborg in March were the resulsts were presented. Presentations are avialable here

The project result is documented in 8 project reports which can be requested from the project manager Björn Allenström