WP8 Demonstration of Findings

A key paradigm in this project is the use of the design of the Mk III vessel, as put to the disposal of the project by the Swedish Orient Line as a bench mark and test bench for the proposals of the WPs. The MkIII design is a further development of the S-Class and the Trans Paper-Class of vessels that work in an intermodal transport system for StoraEnso, known for its commercial and environmental efficiency. As the S-Class and Trans Paper-Class ships are generic forerunners to the Mk III, they offer opportunities to study and even test to a certain extent also in full scale important details of proposals of the project thus ensure realistic and practical arrangements.

The WP 8 will systematically analyse the ideas and proposals of the project, adopt them in the MkIII design and compare the results in actual conditions of existing generic ships in a working state of the art intermodal sea transport system.